A platform for Individual and Community growth through the Transformation of Consciousness, calling all Futurists to join us in Collaboration to begin creating Humanity 3.0

What is OYA?

OYA is a community.
  • OYA provides beautiful spaces in nature around the globe where practitioners, healers and thought leaders of all kinds can host their retreats, workshops or events with a support system to ensure the guest’s experience is everything they want.
  • OYA offers organic food grown on site, spa services, longevity based tech-remedies, and a network of other alternative lifestyle experts to complement any event.
  • OYA is building a digital platform to create a community of alternative thinkers and leaders. You can book virtual sessions, find your favorite practitioner’s recommended lifestyle products, and get exposed to a wide range of people who are all working to figure out new ways of living.



    Cross-cultural practices and knowledge
    brought together for the benefit of all

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    The wisdom of the past with
    the tools of the future

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    Recapturing and renewing the beauty of the
    past into the beauty of our present and future

Transform your

A quality life as you get older, a more regenerative planet and society, a connection to yourself, others, and nature. We bring you a vision of a new Earth.

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Meaning in life comes from connection. A deep connection to yourself, a deep connection to loved ones and humanity as a whole, and a connection to nature. Meaning can be found within natural limits.
Heal your body. Heal your mind. Heal your spirit. Heal your relationships. Heal nature. It's time to stop coping and actually heal.
The world we want to live in is going to have to be discovered together as a collective. The discussion starts with our behavior. It starts with how we live.
Designed to heal. OYA is designed around nature, which allows for the much needed integrative experience
We blend ancient healing practices and rituals with modern technology to create a holistic approach to better health.
We have the tools to put your mind, body, and spirit in the optimal state to do what it does best heal.
You will leave OYA better than when you came and with the understanding on how to keep feeling that way at home.


Oya is all over the map. Find out where she's been and what she's doing to eventually find Oya.

Q3 & Q4 2021
Oya touches ground

In the heart of the Catskills, acquisition of the first Oya location of 200+ acres. Renovations of the landscape and the existing house began, priming the property for an Oya transformation.

Q1 2022
Oya heads South

Oya travels to Virginia and gets another almost 200 acres of secluded beautiful land. She begins dreaming of the potential that the environment offers.
Q2 2022
Oya summons the artists:

Oya’s team of world renowned natural designers and architects have designed special cabins for each location that integrate into the environment plus an ancient trail of traditional structures for healing rituals.
Q2 2022
Oya’s Renewal:

Renovations on the Virginia mansion and community center begins
Q3 2022
Oya blesses the earth:

Preparing the soil, planting trees, gathering of the animals and integration of container farming has begun on both properties.
Q3 2022
Oya’s plan for US:

The entire layout of the two properties has been designed for optimal comfort and connectedness to nature.

Q3 2022
Oya goes island hopping:

A turnkey island jungle acreage in the Dominican Republic is acquired as Oya steps outside the shores of the US. She thinks of throwing a party there and then hops over to Zakynthos island in Greece to acquire another piece of paradise on the Mediterranean.
Q4 2022
Oya stops by Miami:

The release of our OYA NFT Global and Local Memberships at Art Basel is the chance for all those interested including utilities such as location access, events and workshops plus other goodies. The launch will be on selected NFT one of her locations.

Oya Stops By Miami
Q1 2023
Oya’s Creation:

Permits acquired and new construction breaks ground on majority of OYA’s properties.

Q2 2023
Oya tests the waters:

There will be a soft opening for influencers and NFT members to come experience mini retreats with ancient ceremonies, longevity therapies, permaculture, embodiment, or foodie workshops.

Q4 2023
Oya’s open arms:

We welcome the public to come visit for a weekend or stay as long as you’d like

New York
The Mountains

In the heart of the Catskills

40.730610° N / -73.935242° W
image image image
The Forest

Let the river take you

37.926868° N / -78.024902° W
image image image
The Mediterranean

Zakynthos island

37.983810° N / 23.727539° W
image image image
The Dominican Republic
The Jungle

Venture into the rainforest

18.483402° N / -69.929611° W
image image image
The Peninsula

Coming soon!

40.416775° N / -3.703790° W
image image image
The desert

Coming soon!

-2.586166° N / 29.689026° W
image image image
The Land of a Thousand Hills

Coming soon!

47.921230° N / 106.918556° W
image image image
Coming soon!
OYA is searching

Reach out to us if you think you have found OYA’s next location

20.2536° N / 69.3321° W
image image image
Image 3 Image 3
Image 1
Image 4


Image 2

The Earth is home to over 3 trillion trees. Each year, anywhere between 4 and 8 billion trees are cut down. Our goal at OYA is to do the most we can to reforest as many locations as possible. We will start in the countries where OYA is and expand out from there as quickly as we can. Nature is the ultimate artist. Let’s add to her beauty.

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  • OYA’s Transformation Guide helps you to find the right experts for your own personal transformational journey.
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    Successful Entrepreneur, Founder of aconglomerate The 5D group.

    CEO of Mycobriah, cancer & covid biomedical research firm. And a philanthropist, leading the organization, supporting good causes throughout the spectrum of health, sustainability & construction.

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    Designer - focused on innovations in architecture & building systems. Philanthropist - founder of, a non profit organization focused on synchrony of eastern & western medical systems. Founder of, wedding & event company.

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    Entrepreneur/Investor dedicated to making the world a little bit better for my children. Has spent decades supporting projects and helping people who are all about changing how society functions.

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    Farmer & permaculture specialist, based in Dominican republic. An accomplished and dynamic Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director with a track record leading a global marketing team covering digital and social marketing.

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    An accomplished and dynamic Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director with a track record leading a global marketing team covering digital and social marketing, PR and Brand Management. Expertise driving KPIs across sales, leads, conversions, and general marketing while reducing costs.



    Experienced in multiple fields from education to entertainment to economics to energy to farming, spanning 8 countries and 5 continents. “ My goals are to lay a foundation for a cultural and individual change in how humans interact in communities and with the environment.

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